Which activity level should I select in the profile section?

Which activity level should I select in the profile section of the Courtney Black App?

It is not always easy to work out your activity level so we have tried to provide information on each level to assist you in selecting one that fits you best.

  • Not Active - Desk Job and 1-2 workouts a week plus minimal steps daily
  • Lightly Active - Desk Job and 3-5 workouts a week plus 5-10k steps daily
  • Active - Desk Job with 10k plus steps OR Active Job with 5-10k steps daily plus 5+ workouts a week
  • Very Active - Desk Job with 20k plus steps daily OR Active Job with 5+ workouts a week

Even if you do a workout every day, if the majority of your daily life is spent sitting (eg: office-based job, seated at your desk, driving the car) you are “not active”. If you spend all day being active and on your feet (gardener, bike courier) you are “very active”.

If you're somewhere in between, you are either "lightly active" (spend some of the day on your feet but not being physically active, such as a salesman, teacher, or hairdresser) or "active" (spend most of the day on your feet and undertake some physical activity, such as a waiter or dog walker).

If in doubt, we recommend selecting "lightly active", as most people fall into this category and reviewing how you feel and reach your goals.