I have rolled over on my subscription / I didn’t sign up for a rolling subscription

All of our subscriptions are rolling which is stated very clearly in our Terms and Conditions you accept ahead of purchasing your subscription:

  1. Subscription Charges:
  2. Subscriptions will occur as per your chosen subscription duration. Payments will continue until terminated. Unless the subscription is canceled before the billing renewal date, the fees and charges will be charged on a rolling basis to your nominated Payment Method.


  1. Subscription Charges:
  2. We do not offer refunds or credits for unused subscription periods, accidental purchases, medical conditions, or any similar reason or event.

We still do understand that this can be frustrating, here are the directions you need to cancel your subscription:

If you are using an Android:


If you are using an iPhone:


Once you have cancelled you will not be charged again. You can however still use the app for the duration of your subscription.